• How do I audition for the Full-Time Course?

    Please visit our Full-Time Course pages and you can download an audition application form. We look forward to meeting you soon.

  • How do I book a trial class for a Part-Time Class?

    Please complete our online Trial Class Booking Form by clicking the link at the top of this page. One of our team will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

  • Will my child perform on stage?

    Yes, all our students perform on stage at least once a year. We feel that performance-based learning, working towards a production, is the best way to improve confidence in children.

  • How long are the waiting lists?

    We will do our very best to offer a trial class as soon as possible to everyone who completes our Trial Class Booking Form. Availability and waiting lists vary depending on location and class. If you are flexible on which of our centres you can attend, this will enable us to offer you a place sooner.

    Our Amersham and Beaconsfield centres currently have immediate availability.

  • My child has never performed before, is this an issue?

    No, we welcome children of all abilities and with any levels of experience. We will give them all the performance experience they need.
  • I would like my child to join the agency. If this possible?

    All Sharpe students aged 6-18 are invited to audition for AGENT SHARPE once a year. Whilst we hope all our students will be ready for professional work in the future, we only represent those students who are ready now.

    Clients should be advanced in at least one area of performance.

  • My child is very academic, how will this help them?

    At Sharpe Academy we teach through performance. This isn't just performing on stage – our classes also focus on developing a child's speech and communication skills, how they present themselves and how they interact with others.

    The confidence gained from being a great performer can lead to any profession. Many of our former students are currently in, or are aiming towards, careers in Education, Medicine, Law, Social Sciences, Armed Forces, Politics and a range of arts careers in Television, Film, Stage, Photography and Design.

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