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Agent Sharpe is currently on the search for Graduate performers as our agency expands. We are looking for Triple Threat performers who are well trained, fully understand the industry and are willing to put in the hard work after leaving college to make a real success of their careers.

Graduates often have to battle it out to get audition slots with casting directors, so having a proactive agency working together with a proactive client will always bring about greater success. Many graduates with no professional experience sign to an agent, sit down and wait for the auditions to roll in, but that can be an almost certain way to spend long periods out of work.

Our team has worked previously as performers, teachers, creatives and agents. Musical Theatre is our business and we fully understand how to get the most of out of our clients in the industry.

An agent should not only submit on Spotlight and casting sites, but must actively and constantly go in search of other opportunities for their clients. Performers can work alongside agents, making their own industry contacts along the way, and we encourage our clients to do this. Our team support our clients with continued professional development as no performer is ever good enough to stop their learning. We are able to assist with filming and editing showreels, finding new repertoire and audition assistance when casting directors have asked for something specific.

Sharpe has a passion for Musical Theatre and our main focus will always be West End and major musicals. We will however, as our clients are triple threat performers, also submit for other opportunities such as Film, TV, Cruises and International Shows.


We try our best to attend as many college graduate showcases as possible, but we sadly can’t attend all showcases or invite all students in for a meeting. If we have attended your showcase but not contacted you, and you would be interested in talking to us, please do get in touch. We may ask for some self-tapes and if we feel you may be a good fit for our agency we will invite you in for a meeting. This year we have attended showcases for:

Chichester University – Musical Theatre
GSA – Musical Theatre (BA & MFA)
Liverpool Theatre School
MADD – Midlands Academy of Dance & Drama
Masters Performing Arts
The Hammond (Diploma & Degree)
SLP College
Urdang Academy

If your college is not listed above and you are interested in representation please prepare us a showreel showing one song, one monologue, and your dance skills (kick sequence, pirouettes on both sides & jazz routine). If you have any Gymnastic/Acro/Tumbling skills please make sure you include these. We suggest you upload your self tape to sites such as Vimeo, Dropbox or YouTube and send us the direct link to avoid emails being too big to send. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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    Daniel Sharpe

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