The LAMDA INTRODUCTORY Syllabus is taught during our ACT 1 Musical Theatre Classes. Children work on three stages:

STAGE ONE - My Puppy by Debra Bertulis

STAGE TWO - The Folk Who Live in Backward Town by Mary Ann Hoberman

STAGE THREE - Riddle by Colin West

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Aged 3-4 (Nursery Age)
It is very unlikely we will enter a 3 year old for an examination, but exceptionas are sometimes made. 4 years olds should be aiming towards their first exam. Please speak with Daniel if you feel you would like to submit an assessment video, but are unsure if your child is ready. The first exam is Stage 1 - My Puppy.

Aged 4-5 (Reception Class / No Previous Exams)
Stage 1 - My Puppy

Aged 4-5 (Reception Class / Already Taken Stage 1)
Stage 2 - The Folk Who Live in Backward Town

Aged 5-6 (School Year 1 / No Previous Exams)
Stage 2 - The Folk Who Live in Backward Town

Aged 5-6 (School Year 1 / Already Taken Stage 1 or Already Taken Stage 2)
Stage 3 - The Riddle

As Year 1 will be completing their Introductory training at the end of this term we are happy for them to skip Stage 2 providing they have already taken Stage 1 or move straight to Stage 2 if they are new to LAMDA.


An information video has been made for each stage so parents are aware of the exam requirements and assessments. If you would like your child to be submitted please watch the correct information video below.

You will be required to video record your child performing their poem and answering questions about their toy (Stage 1), picture (stage 2) and book (Stage 3). Details on questions can be found in the information videos. Children should also teach a game (Stage 1), talk about an activity (Stage 2) and give a synopsis of their book (Stage 3). 

Please send this self tape to Daniel for assessment. This assessment will cost £10.00. This fee will be added onto your exam invoice. Videos should be recorded in low resolution (See your phone settings) and either emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or uploaded to YouTube (unlisted link) or Dropbox (link).

Please make sure you have read the examination costs below. We will not be entering any children for an August examination who have not made at least a 75% contribution towards their ACT 1 fees.

DEADLINE: Monday 8th June

Stage 1 Information Video


Stage 2 Information Video


Stage 3 Information Video




During this difficult COVID-19 time we very much view examinations as a luxury. Our team are working incredibly hard behind the scenes to provide classes and online programmes, but we do need fee payments in order to pay our team. Everyone is welcome to begin working on an examination. It would however be inappropriate to pay for a summer examination if no summer fee payment has been made to Sharpe. We have therefore introduced a minimum payment requirement should you wish to take an August examination.

  • You may work towards a summer exam providing you have paid a 75% contribution towards your Musical Theatre fees. Assessment & Exam fees are below. ACT 1 fees are £120.00 for the oldest child and £84.00 for siblings. A 75% contribution of this would be £90.00 for the oldest child and £63.00 for younger siblings. Donations should be made to GO FUND ME - SHARPE ONLINE. All teaching staff at Sharpe continue to be paid for their time. Children continue to receive a 20-25 Minute Drama Lesson and a 30 minute dance class each week. We have also produced an educational musical series for our ACT 1 children. Each Sharpie episode costs £1,000.00 per week to write, perform, edit and produce.
  • If you would like to work towards a December exmaination you may do so without any fees due at this time. Full Autumn term fees will be due in September.

Assessments will be charged at £10.00 for each video submission made.

EXAMINATION FEES (1st August 2019-31st July 2021):



Stage 1 - £42.00
Stage 2 - £46.00
Stage 3 - £50.00