At Sharpe Academy we recognise the importance of keeping not just the body in shape, but also the mind. Our Wellbeing Programme has been designed to assist our students become the very best performers they can be. Everyone will face challenges when training in performing arts and during this challenging COVID period additional worries may present themselves. We can overcome any obstacles if we work together and our team are here to support all our students with the following:


  • 2 Body Conditioning classes
  • 1 Stretch & Flex Class
  • 1 Pilates for Dancers class
  • 1 Progressing Ballet Technique Class
  • 1 Specialist Weight Training & Fitness Class (Boys Only)


All students receive a consulation with our resident Physiotherapist Deepa Davda when joining Sharpe Academy. Deepa then teaches a Pilates for Dance class each week and keeps all students under constant review. Injuries can and will occur when training in Dance. All students have access to book physio appointments on Mondays and Thursdays in college every week.


All students receive a consultation with our resident Matron/Nurse Jane Stevens when joining Sharpe Academy. Jane is in college on Wednesdays should students need to discuss any concerns and has a one to one sit down with all students every half term. Those moving away from home will also be assisted to find a local GP and provided with advice/assistance should they require any specilist care whilst in training. North West London has excellent medical facilities where students have easy access to NHS walk-in centres, hospital emergency departments and more specialist clinics in central London.


All students sit down for a private 30 minute session with our resident counsellor Jacob McIntosh every half term. Additional sessions can be booked should students wish to arrange them. Mental Health can be a difficult area for many people around the world and we want our students to know they are supported should they face any issues.


The Directors Daniel Sharpe, Nick Jackson and Vicki Manser sit down with the full student body on a regular basis to discuss any concerns or potential worries students may have. These may range from being away from home, plans for future lockdowns, illness/injury worries or just general advice on areas such as social media, healthy eating, behaviour and industry expectations.

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