Free audition Day

The Sharpe Academy Diploma in Professional Musical Theatre is aimed at students aged 18-25. We will however consider exceptionally talented students aged 16-17.


  • Minimum Age: 16+
  • Entry is by Audition Only.
  • Students aged 16 & 17 must have passed GCSE Maths & English (Grade A*-C or 9-4) in order to start the course. No additional qualifications are required.
  • Students aged 18+: No formal qualifications are required.
  • Places will be offered only to those who we feel can have a successful career as a Triple Threat Musical Theatre performer.

   Audition Registration Form
All students who wish to be considered for a place on the 3 Year Diploma in Professional Musical Theatre must attend a two-stage audition. To book an audition, please complete the Audition registration form below and post it back to us using the address on the form.


You will also need to include along with your Audition form:

Letter of Recommendation
This should be from a Musical Theatre Teacher, Performer, Director, Choreographer or Musical Director. If you don’t know any Musical Theatre professionals please ask your school drama, dance or music teacher.
Head and Shoulders Photograph
This should be 10x8 in size. Please make sure your hair is down and away from your face. No make up.

Full Length Photograph
This should be 10x8 in size. Students should wear Ballet uniform and be stood in first position. If you do not have ballet uniform girls should wear a leotard and boys should wear either a unitard or tight fitting training top and shorts.

Once we receive your application you will be invited to one of our STAGE ONE audition days.

STAGE ONE Audition days are scheduled for:
February Half Term
Easter Break
First Week of July

STAGE TWO Recall days will usually be held the day after each STAGE ONE day.

Please note: Not everyone will be asked to attend STAGE TWO. We are unable to provide audition feedback.

  • What to Prepare
  • STAGE ONE Audition
  • STAGE TWO Recall Audition
  • Accommodation

Students should prepare the following for their STAGE ONE audition:

One Musical Theatre Song – This should last no longer than 3 minutes and show your vocal capabilities and range. Sheet music should be brought for our pianist to play. We will also have a music player to connect to your mp3 player or phone to should you wish to use a backing track. Please note you will be stopped exactly after 3 minutes so you may wish to start at an appropriate point in the song and the ideal place may not be the beginning.

One Acting Monologue – This can be from the modern or classical era. It should last no longer than 3 minutes and you should use your own voice and no accents. This should be a performance where you fully embrace the character. A printed copy of the monologue should be provided for the panel to follow as you perform the piece. If you are unsure how to select a monologue please contact our office and we will send you some options.

The day will be split into:

10am-10.30am – Introduction by the Principal
Learn all about Sharpe Academy and the Course itself. Students should be accompanied by their parent(s) who will be paying the fees should students obtain a place.

10.30am-12.30pm – Dance & Drama

Ballet Class – Please wear appropriate Ballet wear or tight fitting clothes. This will test your posture and technique. Ballet shoes should be worn, or bare feet if you don’t have any.

Drama Class – Students will take part in a group-acting workshop.

Jazz Class – Please wear dancewear that you can comfortably move in. You will be taught a short commercial Jazz routine and perform it in small groups. Please wear Jazz Trainers/shoes, foot thongs or bare feet.

12.45pm-1.30pm – Lunch

1.30pm-4pm – Solo Presentation – Students will present their prepared Songs & Monologues. You will be asked to perform at least one audition piece on stage in our 500-seat theatre. You will not have a microphone so you must rehearse projecting your voice before the audition day takes place.

If you do make it through we have two different pathways for STAGE TWO. It may be that we felt you didn’t quite show us your very best on the audition day and you may be recalled to a second Stage One audition day later in the academic year. Alternatively, if we felt you showed us everything we needed to see and we feel you may be a good student for our course, you will be invited in for a second audition and interview.


10am-11.30am – Acrobatics - Please don’t worry, we don’t expect you to back flip on your first day. This will test your flexibility and willingness to throw yourself into a situation. Please wear a leotard and shorts (girls) or unitard or tight shirt and shorts (boys). Students should have bare feet.

12.30pm-5pm – Interviews – You will be given a scheduled time to come back for your interview. Your interview will be between the student, parents and Principal of the Academy. We will look into your own individual aspirations, previous training and plans. We will also discuss course costs and be able to answer any questions you may have. You will hear within 24 hours of your Interview if you have been offered/declined a place or put on our reserve list.

If you wish to accept your place you will be required to pay a non refundable registration fee of £125.00 within 14 days of your offer and a non refundable deposit payment of £500.00 within 40 days of your offer. Please see our Fees and Funding page for further details. The £500.00 deposit payment will be deducted from your 3rd year summer term fees.

Students may be placed on our reserve list. We hope to let you know if you have been successful within 7 days of our July Stage One audition. If you are on the reserve list and wish to be removed as you have obtained a place elsewhere please e-mail our office.

Sharpe Academy will assist students where possible to find suitable accommodation if they do not live locally. Once places have been offered out we will try to arrange either a Host Family or Rented accommodation for any students who require it. Please consider the additional cost of living when making your application. No accommodation bursaries are available.

Sharpe Academy cannot sponsor VISA applications from other countries. All students must be able to study in the U.K in order to be accepted onto the course.