Sharpe Academy has developed a LAMDA course over several years to allow our students to study Acting exmainations in their spare time. The course is only open to enrolled Sharpe students. The course currently has online classes, please see your lockdown timetable for full details.

LAMDA Communication Examinations

All students aged 3-6 in our ACT 1 Musical Theatre classes work towards LAMDA Introductory examinations in their weekly lessons. Students in our ACT 2 Musical Theatre classes may also work towards their Entry Level Verse & Prose examination.

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LAMDA Performance (Acting) Examinations

Sharpe Academy has an ONLINE Acting Programme for our students aged 6-18 to work on at home. Your child is welcome to join this programme. Once students are ready for an assessment they should book a private lesson with one of our tutors. If a student passes their assessment they will be entered for an examination.

HELP! – I'm new to LAMDA (See the table above to find your starting Grade.) If you have already taken a Grade you can continue to the next level. If you have taken a break with your LAMDA, you may now be old enough to skip a grade so double-check the starting points in the table below.

PLEASE NOTE: If your child has taken any LAMDA exams when they were under the age of 6 they will have been Introductory Examinations and not Grades. Grades are higher and should not be started until children are around 7 years old.

  • An administration fee of £25.00 is due to sign up to the Acting course.
  • All students must have a private lesson to be assessed. Some students may require more than one lesson.

Private Lessons cost £25.00 for 30 minutes and all students must book one for their assessment.

EXAMINATION FEES (1st August 2019-31st July 2021):

INTRO Stage 1 - £42.00
  Stage 2 - £46.00
  Stage 3 - £50.00
ENTRY Entry Grade - £54.00
LEVEL 1 Grade 1 - £64.00
  Grade 2 - £69.00
  Grade 3 - £74.00
LEVEL 2 Grade 4 - £84.00
  Grade 5 - £89.00
LEVEL 3 Grade 6 - £99.00


If you are new to LAMDA please see the guide below to what grade you should start at.

What Grade am I Table

LAMDA stands for The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts. Sharpe Academy has a 100% pass rate and enters children for examinations in:

Acting (Entry Grade – Grade 8)
Verse & Prose (Entry Grade Only)
Introductory (Stage 1–2–3)
Musical Theatre (Grade 1 – Grade 8)

LAMDA is currently only available to enrolled Sharpe Academy Musical Theatre students.


At Sharpe Academy we only teach the ENTRY LEVEL Verse & Prose examination. This involves learning two poems – The Magic Cat and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. We will offer assessments shortly for any ACT 2 children who wish to take a summer exam.


At the present time we are not entering any students for these examinations.


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