Welcome to our Gifted and Talented section

Sharpe Academy aims to provide each gifted and talented child with a unique programme of study to take their skills to the next level. We have three stages before we can tailor make a programme for children:

STAGE 1: Recognition
All parents hope their child fits into this catagory, but pushing a child who is not ready can really harm their confidence levels and possibly mean they give up an activity they always enjoyed. By participating in our weekly musical theatre classes children are assessed on a regular basis by singing, dance and acting teachers.

STAGE 2: Speak to Parents
It can take some parents by surprise when a teacher tells them their child is gifted or talented in something. Not all parents would have considered a performing arts career for their child so this is then something to think about carefully before moving forward. Of course children can aim to be advanced in performing arts and aim for a different career, but we would need to carefully monitor the emotional wellbeing of a child who is pushing forward if we know in advance a career in the arts is not an option.

STAGE 3: Decide what the next step is and begin
We have three areas to consider when putting a programme together. The first is the specific area a child is gifted and talented in. The second area is finances. The third area is the final goal. This can change over time, but it's important we know in advance what we are aiming for.




    A programme will incorporate:

    BALLET - An important dance form to give core strength.

    LAMDA - These exams will improve speech, posture and performance skills.

    SINGING LESSONS - Individual work on technique and repertoire.

    TECH - If your child is aged 11+ we run a tech class incorporating Modern & Tap. These are great dance forms to improve coordination, balance, strength, flexibility and performance.

    COMPETITIONS - We enter students for solo & duo singing, acting and also group competitions.

    AGENCY - Our in house agency can submit children for professional work on the Stage and in TV/Film.



    BURSARIES - We are able to offer a range of bursaries to help gifted and talented children who need it. These can be:

    • Classes
    • Dancewear or Dance Shoes
    • Productions
    • Summer Schools

    The key here is to be honest and upfront with us and we will do our best to support your child. We would suggest you arrange a day and time to come and speak with us in the office about a bursary. Please note: Proof of current finances may be required.

    SCHOLARSHIPS (Full & Part) - We have a range of scholarships available for all classes, productions and summer schools.

    DIRECTOR DISCOUNTS - Please discuss with Daniel what is available to you.



    Having a clear idea of where your child is heading will greatly help our team when teaching them. The older a student gets the more preparation is needed in order to be offered a place in the arts.

    MUSICAL THEATRE CAREER - If your child has aspirations of one day performing on the West End stage we will aim to get them to the following standard by School Year 13:

    • Intermediate Level Modern & Tap
    • Grade 6 Ballet (& Pointe for Girls)
    • LAMDA Acting - Grade 8
    • LAMDA Musical Theatre - Grade 8
    • Solo Performance Experience

    ACTING CAREER - If your child wishes to pursue a stage, television or film acting career then we will still aim for the above grades and experience with added emphasis on Acting.

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