For GRADE 4 children will need to present TWO monologues. We have chosen the monologue Almost as the set piece which all students must study. Students should select their second piece from either Reserved (Boys or Girls), Voyage of The Dawn Treader (Boys) or Six Primroses Each (Girls). Students must not perform a monologue they have performed in an earlier examination.

  • STEP 1: Learn your lines. Please find the words below.
  • STEP 2: Learn your staging. You will find the staging video below. You must learn the monologue off by heart and perform it with these actions. All actions are important at this stage so please don't miss anything out.
  • STEP 3: Knowledge Questions. Please see the Knowledge Worksheet below for the questions examiners will ask.
  • STEP 4: The Examination. Once you are ready then you can book a private lesson with one of our tutors for an assessment. Exam sessions are currently planned for May 2021 and July 2021.


  • ASSESSMENTS - Once our next examinations are organised we will arrange for one to one assessments.

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