For GRADE 6 students will need to present TWO monologues and must read BOTH plays. We have chosen the plays Chatroom and Romeo & Juliet which all students must study. There are different pieces for boys and girls. Grade 6 is a LEVEL 3 (A'Level Standard) OFQUAL recognised qualification and awards UCAS points which can be added to your University Application.

Pass 8 Points Pass with Merit 10 Points Pass with Distinction 12 Points


  • STEP 1: Learn your lines. Please find the words below.
  • STEP 2: Read your plays. Please purchase the plays so you have the books. We advise 'No Fear Shakespeare Romeo & Juliet'. There is only one addition of Chatroom.
  • STEP 3: Learn your staging. You will find the staging video below. You must learn the monologue off by heart and perform it with these actions. All actions are important at this stage so please don't miss anything out.
  • STEP 4: Knowledge Questions. Please see the Knowledge Worksheet below for the questions examiners will ask.
  • STEP 5: The Examination. Once you are ready then you can book a private lesson with one of our tutors for an assessment. Exam sessions are currently planned for May 2021 and July 2021.

  • ASSESSMENTS - Once our next examinations are organised we will arrange for one to one assessments.

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